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High pressure water pumps, hermetically sealed, suitable for pumping abrasive fluids.

Because of their unique hermetic design HYDROWATT high pressure pumps are ideal for pumping non-lubricating fluids such as water and other low viscosity media. The pump’s unique AXIFLEX pistons are highly abrasion resistant, even when used with contaminated fluids containing high concentrations of abrasive particles.

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HYDROWATT specializes in the development and manufacture of hermetically sealed, high pressure radial piston pumps. The development of this remarkable pump in the late 80’s, effectively raised the bar in the field of water hydraulics technology.

For over 30 years now, HYDROWATT has been supplying not only general industry with these extremely reliable pumps, but also some very demanding mining operations. Typical pressures range from 200 to 415 bar (3000 to 6000 PSI).


Schaffhausen - Rheinfall
The largest waterfall in Europe: «Rhine Falls» near Schaffhausen