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AXIFLEX piston, hermetically sealed, diaphragm, membrane, positive displacement
AXIFLEX piston


At the core of this innovation is a development which can only be described as revolutionary - the hermetically sealed AXIFLEX piston. With its integrated elastomeric sleeve it has proved ideal for continuous, heavy duty operation in the most arduous of conditions.

In fact it was the unique AXIFLEX piston which allowed the development of a high-speed, high pressure pump, whose principal feature was the complete separation of the pumped fluid from the drive lubricant. This aspect of the HYDROWATT pump made it suitable for use with non-lubricating fluids such as all kind of water, highly abrasive fluids and even fluids such as methanol and n-heptanes.

Today the HYDROWATT comprises several frame sizes with 5, 7, 10 and 14 AXIFLEX pistons per pump.

More information regarding the HYDROWATT pump technology can be found here.

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