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Advantages of the HYDROWATT Technology

The unique HYDROWATT technology offers several significant advantages over conventional piston (plunger/triplex) pumps.

Features   Customer Benefits

  • simple set-up, pistons arranged radially
  • components clearly positioned and easily replaceable (modular design)
  • short eccentric drive shaft (no multiple-throw crankshaft)
  • corrosion resistant stainless steel pump housing
  • low maintenance, few spare and wear parts
  • quick, easy maintenance. Generally no hoisting equipment is required
  • long operating life

  • integrated forced lubrication, hermetically separated from the pumped fluid by means of the AXIFLEX piston technology, eliminates need for packings
  • all critical parameters are monitored and are made available to the customers data system
  • extreme dirt tolerance, 100-micron filtration is sufficient
  • no leakage (neither externally nor internally)
  • high operational reliability

  • 5 or 7 pistons positioned radially about an eccentric drive with harmonic motion
  • the minimal flow pulse reduces stress and wear on the pump and on the entire system

  • the pump is directly coupled to the electric motor, no gear box
  • light, extremely compact design
  • no gear box to service
  • fewer moving parts than any other piston pump
  • considerably reduced space requirement compared to conventional piston pumps

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