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operating principle, animation of a Hydrowatt 5-piston pump, positive displacement
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radial piston pump, positive displacement category

HYDROWATT radial piston pump with 5 radially positioned AXIFLEX cylinder-piston units around an eccentric drive shaft.

HYDROWATT Pump Technology

with hermetically sealed cylinder-piston units:

drive unit with AXIFLEX pistons

HYDROWATT pumps use special cylinder-piston units which have linear-extensible, sleeved pistons. AXIFLEX piston units represent a truly revolutionary approach to pump technology. They consist of a specially developed piston head with an integral elastomeric sleeve. The open end is firmly attached to the cylinder unit, resulting in the hermetic sealing of the pump chamber enclosed by the sleeve.

The piston head and sleeve are both guided longitudinally in the cylinder, the head being positively located on the eccentric drive. The sleeve follows the reciprocating stroke of the piston head. This produces the pumping action in the pressure chamber, by elastic longitudinal stretching and contraction of the piston.

Another vital innovation is the use of a hydrodynamic bearing system, a lubrication film under continuous regeneration between the piston sleeve and the inner wall of the cylinder, which ensures high load-bearing and wear reduction characteristics. Uniquely, the hermetically-sealed AXIFLEX pistons enable complete separation of the lubricant and the pumped fluid under normal running conditions. All bearing points of the pump are force-lubricated, ensuring virtual wear-free operation of the whole drive unit.

HYDROWATT pump technology has been used successfully in industrial and mining applications for more than 25 years.

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