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Spritzbalken einer Hochdruck-Entzunderung mit Wasser
High pressure spray bars on a hot rolling line

HYDROWATT Pumpenanlage für Hochdruck-Entzunderung mit Wasser
High pressure pumps in descaling systems. Pump stations R180/180S with variable speed drive, 370-500 litre/min at 250 bar each.

Descale Pumps & Descaling Systems

To produce top-quality hot rolled products hydro mechanical descaling is essential and the trend toward high pressure descaling using water at pressures of 200 – 400 bar has now become the standard.

Most modern descaling systems recycle the descale water and so they encounter problems due to the accumulation of residual iron oxide particles in the medium. Even with the best filtration, using settlement basins and sand filters, some residue remains in the process water. This residue presents quite a challenge for conventional high pressure pumps, subjecting their packings to significant wear.

The AXIFLEX pistons used in the HYDROWATT pump are by their hermetic design resistant against this scale residue because there is simply no friction process involved.

HYDROWATT together with their partners, manufacture not only high pressure pump stations, they also design and supply complete descaling systems, with spray hood and headers. If required we can even provide automatic spray bar height adjustment.

Advantages of the HYDROWATT Descale Pumps:

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