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Mining Systems for Roof Support & Dust Suppression

emulsion pump system for longwall mining, standard design, BS 400

BS 500 Emulsion Pump System:
Complete mobile pumping system for underground coal mines
with 3 HYDROWATT R180S pump stations, a filtration unit, 2x 4000 litre emulsion tank
and a 1000 litre HFA concentrate tank. The entire system is controlled by a state-of-the-art PLC.

Mining Experience

For over 20 years HYDROWATT has supplied high-pressure pumps to the mining industry, building continuously on experience gained in the French, German and British coal mines. Many of these improvements result from the close relationships developed with mining engineers working underground with HYDROWATT pump systems over the years.

The efficiency of an underground coal mine depends very much on the continuous availability of the high pressure hydraulics. The high reliability of high-quality components such as the HYDROWATT, along with its fast and simple maintenance when required have allowed mine operators to maximise their production.

HYDROWATT high pressure pump systems combine safety and quality with top class technology.

Overview of the Emulsion Pump Systems:

  • Series BS 250: flow rate approx. 226 litre/min at 320 bar
  • Series BS 400: flow rate approx. 334 litre/min at 320 bar
  • Series BS 500: flow rate approx. 434 litre/min at 320 bar
  • Series BS 700: flow rate approx. 632 litre/min at 320 bar
  • Series BS 1000: flow rate approx. 930 litre/min at 320 bar
  • Series BS 1500: flow rate approx. 1240 litre/min at 320 bar

Dust Suppression Systems:

  • Series BD 250: flow rate approx. 260 litre/min at 100 bar
  • Series BD 350: flow rate approx. 350 litre/min at 100 bar

HYDROWATT pump skid with monorail mounting
Typical lay-out of a HYDROWATT R180S radial piston pump mounted on a pump skid

Assembling of the mining systems HYDROWATT’s fabrication and assembly premises for mining systems

>> Roof Support BS 400-A
>> Roof Support BS 400-M
>> Dust Suppression BD 250-M