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Roof Support System BS 400-M

mobile emulsion pump system, hydraulic supply to shield, standard design, BS 400-M

BS 400-M, Standard Design:

Complete mobile emulsion pump station for hydraulic supply to shield supports in the face (coal mining).

The standard design comprises two HYDROWATT R130S pump stations a filter station with cooling unit, a 3500 litre emulsion tank, a 1000 litre HFA concentrate tank and emulsion mixing system as well as modern PLC automation with full graphic TFT colour display.

Pump Stations:

The compact HYDROWATT high pressure pump is coupled directly to the electric motor through a bell housing. The unloader valve, made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, ensures a smooth transition from pressure to tank flow. 5 or 7 piston HYDROWATT pumps ensure low pulsation. Accumulators dampen the hydraulic shock (water hammer) caused by valve operation at the coal face.

The R130S HYDROWATT radial piston pump used here, pumps 2 x 167 litre/min at 320 bar and 1500 rpm.

HYDROWATT Roof Support Systems – Advantages:

  • High quality pump system with high operational reliability and long life span
  • Low flow pulsation
  • High volumetric efficiency
  • Compact and lightweight, no gear box
  • High pressure pump is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Extremely economical (low cost of ownership)
  • Simple and quick maintenance

hydraulic supply with booster pump, filtration and cooler unit Hydraulic supply, with booster pump, filtration and cooler

PLC control with powerful PC-based technology
State-of-the-art PLC uses powerful PC-based technology. The system can be controlled remotely from the face-end.
The HYDROWATT dust suppression system can be connected to the same PLC.

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